This Animation Produced by Studio G-dCast was my two month assignment and I consider my 2nd Short film. This work is part of a larger project called "The Psalms Project". I was given the powerful poem, the music, some guiding direction from my producer and asked to animate it. The result above has been well received by both critics and commenters. 

Thank you to everyone involved in this project to which I am so proud to be a part.

You can find links to the press related to the press below.

Demo reel now UP! 



Demo Reel from Charlie Corriea on Vimeo.

SAFE logo from Charlie Corriea on Vimeo.


Animated Logo for thr student teacher association SAFE which bring together students with learning Dissablitys/Differences (like me) and teachers to buld bridges of understanding and lead to better educatin of our young folk! the project was headed by Audrey Daniel of Aray Studio. I Desighned the Logo after tones of input fom the ASFE members, then I animated it in Flash and After Effects.



All the best bits of my best stuff cobbled together.


Fu-de wins Best Animated Short" at the very first Excelsior Film Festival! Got a nice write up here and here

And Fu-de will be screed NEXT MONTH at the PACIFIC FILM Archive! I will be sharing the screen with some big talent including Nina Paley! whom I will have the honor of meeting! most people don't know this but the ending of Fu-de was actually inspired by the ending of Nina's "Fetch" which will be screed that night! Funny. Details here!

Special Thanks to Karl Cohen for helping me get my film out there! 

And finally, New large Outside Lands work is hanging in Oakland at Radio (bar/nightclub), at Broadway and 13th st. right next to the Bart station. If you would like to perchase one, head on over!  


FU-DE WINS "Best Emererging Film Maker" award at Mendocino film festival!


Now selling prints of painting on etsy!


I now have an Etsy shop!

Pleas check in with it to pechase new work.

here is some new work in progress!


More new work in the fine art section!

Let me know what you think of the new work!




Selling paitings and prints ant the Vagabond Inie Craft Fair

Saturday, April 30th, 11am to 5pm

1371 9th Ave. (between Judah and Irving)

San Francisco, CA 94122





My film Fu-De has won best of show after a jurried review ending with an audience choice for best in show. Karl Kohen will be writing a little article about it in the ASIFA San Francisco News letter for next month and I will post it here! you can now view the whole film at where they are screening student films! The media group that runs this website could drum up alto of exposure for me which could turn into work opportunities for yours truly, so pleas watch it there and tell others!

and there are new paintings in the outside lands gallery! check it out


new Outside Lands work in the gallery!





2/7/2011 - Project Giant Robots

Firstly The Outside Lands work is up at Dash Cafe and they've asked for more. Secondly I've added illustrations of giant robots that I've been working on in illustrator. Look for them under the portfolio section.


2/6/2011 - New Work: The Outside Lands

I've finished the series for the Dash Cafe show and I'm calling it The Outside Lands, an old name for the Sunset district in San Francisco where I grew up. It's covered in houses now but the Sunset used to be dunes and because it was so far from the city center people would live out on the dunes in shacks and old rail cars. There's less lawlessness now but it's home and I thought it a fitting title for illustrations of lots of tiny houses on top of each other.

I'm taking the pieces over to Dash Cafe tomorrow where you can collect one or all. They range in price between $40 and $65 - watercolor and Ink on wood panels. Each one is named after a street in the Sunset and signed. 

I've begun putting pictures of them up in my portfolio. Just go to the top right where it says portfolio, mouse over and scroll down one to The Outside Lands. I'll finish posting the images tomorrow. More to come as I continue working on the series so keep checking back!

If you would like a painting I will take on commissions. Email me if you're interested!

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1/26/2011 - Portfolio Update & New Show!!!

I've finally gotten around to updating my site's portfolio. I've started with adding some older work. If you look in the painting section you'll find 12 photos of my cloud series of paintings, photographed by Raen Payne.

Excellent News! I will be exhibiting my work at Dash Cafe in the Inner Sunset district of San Francisco in early February. I will update with details soon. For a taste of the work see my blog post: New Paintings @ Dash Cafe.


6/08/2010 - Donations Page

I have added a Donations Page! If you'd like to donate money to help support the site and my art click here.


6/03/2010 - New Web Host!

I have a new web host and a new web site to match. The site was designed by Raen Payne. Check out her blog here.


6/01/2010 - Thesis Film Complete!

After two long years of drawing and a Princess Grace Honorarium, my thesis film Fu-De [The Brush] is complete. I can now begin submitting like mad to festivals. Check back often to find out where you can see the film.